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PCB cloud services supercharge DFM analysis

KLA has launched Frontline Cloud Services to accelerate PCB design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis by as much as 90%. The company is transitioning its CAM and engineering technologies to the cloud, where it says compute power is virtually infinite.

PCBs used in advanced technologies, such as 5G and mini-LED, require time-consuming, compute-intensive validation for manufacturing. On-premises DFM analysis can take hours or even days. KLA’s cloud-based SaaS uses smart, machine learning-driven data processing to speed design analysis, while minimizing IT bottlenecks. The platform helps PCB manufacturers save on IT costs with scalable compute resources and monitored usage reports.

Frontline complies with cloud security standards, and services are available 24/7 with no downtime or failures. Flexible payment and licensing models enable manufacturers to pay only for what they use.

Frontline Cloud Services product page 


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