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Wireless charging is next in the digital pen’s design progression

The digital pen has started to make waves as an accessory to smartphones and tablets by integrating cutting-edge technologies, and it’s apparent from the design progression seen in Wacom’s Active ES pen solution. After incorporating STMicro’s Bluetooth low energy (BLE) connectivity technology and CEVA’s motion control software, Wacom has integrated Renesas’ wireless power charging solution in its digital pen.

The digital pen, also known as the smart pen, records human handwriting and stores a copy in digital format. While BLE transfers the digital data from the pen to a computer or tablet, wireless power conveniently charges it while wirelessly docked on the tablet. That how it enables users to conveniently express themselves on both smartphones and tablets as an accessory.

The single-chip wireless power receiver IC from Renesas offers high power density and is small enough to fit into the digital pen form factor. To complement support for low-power applications like earbud case and digital pen charging, the 32-bit processor in this wireless power charging solution features a high level of programmability and design parameters that can be easily configured to work with small rod coils that fit into digital pens.

The wireless charging IC from Renesas also offers a unique ping-detect feature that gives an early indication of the wireless charger connection and improves thermal performance at the end of complete battery charging. Renesas offers wireless charging solutions for both the power receivers (PRx) used in smartphones and other applications as well as the power transmitters (PTx) used in charging pads and in-car applications.

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