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Rohm maximizes response of power supply ICs

Rohm has developed QuiCur, a power supply technology that improves the load transient response of DC/DC converter ICs and LDOs. Response performance involves response speed and the voltage stability of subsequent stages. The company reports that QuiCur helps reduce power supply circuit design by providing stable operation with fewer external components.

Most power supply ICs monitor output voltage to ensure a stable power supply and include a feedback circuit that fine-tunes the output voltage by comparing it with an internal reference voltage. A faster response makes it possible to reverse changes in the output voltage caused by fluctuations in input voltage and/or load current in a shorter time. However, shortening the response time too much can cause the circuit operation to become unstable and the output voltage to oscillate.

According to Rohm, incorporating the QuiCur technology in power supply ICs makes it possible to achieve ideal performance without causing instability in feedback circuits. The design employs a dedicated error amp that does not generate an unusable area in the feedback circuit. It also features a dedicated second-stage error amp and a technique that allows the amplification factor (gain) to be adjusted by current drive.

Rohm is current working to commercialize QuiCur-equipped power supply ICs and plans to ship samples of DC/DC converter ICs in April 2022 and LDOs in July 2022. To learn more about QuiCur high-speed load response technology, click here.

Rohm Semiconductor  

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