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AI SoC-equipped dev kit jumpstarts smart edge design

A development kit based on Synaptics’ Katana edge AI SoC combines vision, motion, and sound detection hardware and software. It also provides both wired and wireless connectivity. The kit aims to simplify the design and development of edge AI for IoT, including smart home, building, industrial, and monitoring applications.

Leveraging an advanced neural network, the Katana SoC is built on a heterogeneous six-core architecture. Each domain-specific core is optimized for low power and low latency, handling such tasks as neural network image processing, audio/voice processing, and control. Along with the Katana SoC, the baseboard is equipped with sensors for imaging, audio, voice, and motion. Wireless connectivity is handled by Synaptics’ Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth Low Energy module.

Accessories are provided to assist the development of people detection applications, including a mounting bar and clips for an overhead camera. The bundled kit supplies cabling, batteries, an enclosure, instructions, and software.

The Katana edge AI development kit is available now through Synaptics’ sales channels. Two videos can be found on the Katana product page below that demonstrate the device’s capabilities.

Katana product page


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