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Software-defined test tool expands to 11 instruments

Moku:Go, a software-defined test platform for engineers and students from Liquid Instruments, offers new tools for creating IIR and FIR filters. The company also added a lock-in amplifier to Moku:Go’s instrument suite, bringing the total number of instruments available on the portable device to 11.

Moku:Go was designed to be a cross-curriculum software-defined instrumentation tool for electrical and computer engineering students, with its initial instrument suite focusing on circuits courses, power electronics, and automation control. This release expands Moku:Go’s capabilities with the Digital Filter Box and FIR Filter Builder, effective teaching tools for real-time digital signal processing. It also brings a lock-in amplifier for isolating a known signal from a noisy environment.

In addition to the three new instruments, Moku:Go includes an arbitrary waveform generator, data logger, frequency response analyzer, logic analyzer, pattern generator-oscilloscope, voltmeter-PID controller, spectrum analyzer, and waveform generator. The device provides 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, and 16 digital I/O lines, along with a USB-C port and WiFi Hotspot. A two-channel or four-channel programmable power supply and Ethernet connection are optional. An intuitive user interface for Windows or Mac is included, as well as Python, LabView, and Matlab API support.

Prices for Moku:Go start at $599.

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