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Charge pump IC offers 72-W power delivery

Housed in a low-profile PSiP, Murata’s MYC0409 step-down DC/DC charge pump provides 72 W of power with efficiency up to 96.5%. The 48-VIN divide-by-4 device achieves a power density of 5.4 kW/in.3 and is suitable for a range of 48-V to 12-V step-down conversion applications, such as datacenters, networking routers, base stations, and optical equipment.

System designers have the flexibility to choose between creating a single high-power bulk 48-V bus system with MYC0409 devices connected in parallel or distributing individual devices close to the point-of-load, thereby reducing system PCB copper losses. Supplied in an 11.5×9.5-mm LGA package with a height of just 2.0 mm, the converter can be used in low-profile designs and allows placement on the underside of system boards.

The MYC0409 works in a fixed divide-by-4 mode over an input voltage range of 20 V to 60 V, which extends its use in 24-VIN to 36-VIN applications like consumer battery charging and industrial supplies. Output voltage ranges from 5 V to 15 V with load currents of 6 A. The part, which operates over an extended temperature range of -40°C to +105°C, provides input undervoltage and overcurrent protection, as well as thermal shutdown fault detection.

The MYC0409 DC/DC charge pump IC is available for purchase through Murata’s distributor network. Contact a regional sales representative for information about evaluation kits and samples.

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