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SoCs drive power-stingy IoT devices

Expanding its Apollo4 family of processors and SoCs, Ambiq’s Apollo4 Plus provides enhanced graphics, extra memory, and robust security. Ambiq also offers the Apollo4 Blue Plus, which packs a Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 radio. The devices are aimed at battery-powered endpoint devices, including smartwatches, fitness bands, far-field voice remotes, predictive health and maintenance, and smart home.

Apollo4 Plus is powered by an Arm Cortex-M4F core running at a clock frequency of up to 192 MHz. The chip operates with very low supply current, consuming 4 µA/MHz executing from MRAM (with cache). It also provides low-power sleep and deep sleep modes with selectable levels of RAM/cache retention.

With up to 2 MB of MRAM and 2.75 MB of SRAM, the Apollo4 Plus has the compute power and storage to handle complex algorithms and neural networks. It also employs an end-to-end audio subsystem that enables precise voice recognition and high-fidelity audio for voice calls. An integrated GPU and display controller, coupled with fast memory access, deliver vivid colors, high resolution, and smooth graphics.

Ambiq’s SecureSPOT technology offers such features as secure boot, secure over-the-air and wired updates, and secure key storage in OTP memory. A hardware cryptographic accelerator supports a true random number generator and an array of encryption algorithms.

Apollo4 Plus is now in mass production.

Apollo4 Plus product page 

Apollo4 Blue product page 


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