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Adapter outfits analyzer for 100GbE PAM4 test

An adapter for Teledyne’s SierraNet 648 Ethernet protocol analyzer enables PAM4 100-Gbps Layer-1 link training and auto-negotiation capture. By adding the single-lane adapter to the SierraNet 648, engineers can capture and analyze the link negotiation characteristics of IEEE 802.3ck 100GbE DUTs. A second adapter can also be added for simultaneous 100GbE capture on two links.

Designed for high-speed storage and communications fabrics, the SierraNet 648 protocol analyzer allows the examination and modification of Ethernet and Fibre Channel links using both PAM4 and legacy NRZ technologies. With the 100GbE Layer-1 adapter, the instrument can identify link-interoperability problems between fabric components, such as switches, network interface cards, servers, and network attached storage.

The 100GbE Layer-1 adapter connects to the link-under-test via a remote QSFP-DD probe and then to the M648 via a pair of SFP-56 cables. Adapter connection to the SierraNet M648 is made via the analog pass-through SFP ports. The self-contained, modular unit comes with a USB-C power adapter.

Both the SierraNet 648 test platform and the SierraNet 100GbE L1 link negotiation adapter are available for ordering now. The adapter module ships with the required license key enablement and is operated via the Net Protocol Suite software application.

SierraNet 648 product page

Teledyne LeCroy

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