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GPU specialist Imagination to create 250 engineering jobs in 2022

After a strong year in 2021, Imagination Technologies plans to increase its global headcount by more than 30% in 2022. Earlier, the UK-based GPU specialist opened its Cambridge office in August 2021 to complement its Bristol office and Kings Langley headquarters.

It’s mainly the demand in the IP industry that has filled Imagination’s office in Cambridge. The company continues to build its IP portfolio with more than 2,800 patents and applications. For instance, last year, Imagination unveiled Catapult, its first CPU based on RISC-V, as well as IMG CXT, an advanced ray-tracing GPU.

Imagination Technologies has filled its Cambridge office in just six months.

The boost in gaming and other graphical use cases has led to brisk demand for IPs serving GPU designs. Besides, Imagination has joined the artificial intelligence (AI) fray with the launch of neural network accelerators (NNAs). And it’s also investing in the development of CPUs based on RISC-V.

Imagination is on a roll, says its CEO Simon Beresford-Wylie. Its global recruitment drive is good news for the semiconductor industry as well as engineers seeking opportunities in the semiconductor industry. Here, it’s worth mentioning that the UK-based IP supplier has implemented a hybrid working framework that allows staff to split their working time between the company’s various offices and other locations.

Find out more about jobs at Imagination in the UK and other locations.

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