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Boost converter cuts quiescent current

The synchronous architecture of Magnachip’s boost converter achieves both high efficiency and low quiescent current. By using low-resistance high-side and low-side synchronous switches, the boost converter reduces quiescent current to as little as 1.5 mA, compared to the maximum 2 mA of many asynchronous boost devices.

Intended for a variety of applications, the converter can be used in OLED panels, Bluetooth speakers, and the NAND flash in solid-state drives. The company reports that its device provides fast transient response to minimize output voltage fluctuations. When the converter turns off, a built-in isolation switch prevents input voltage from being leaked through the output pin. Soft-start time is programmable by controlling the external capacitor and resistance values. This reduces the in-rush current and ensures a stable power supply to external circuits.

Magnachip’s boost converter includes overcurrent and overvoltage protection, thermal shutdown, a fast discharge function, and undervoltage lockout. It operates at a switching frequency of 1.2 MHz, allowing the use of a small 4.7-µH external inductor. The part comes in a 2.5×2.5-mm DFN package.

A datasheet for the synchronous boost converter was not available at the time of the announcement.


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