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SoCs deliver lossless Bluetooth audio

Qualcomm’s S3 and S5 wireless audio chips boast 16-bit, 44.1-kHz lossless CD-quality audio over Bluetooth. Both devices employ a Bluetooth 5.3 dual-mode radio that enables a range of LE Audio experiences, such as audio sharing and broadcasting.

The mid-tier S3 and premium-tier S5 ultra-low-power platforms for wireless earbuds, headsets, and speakers offer such features as stereo recording via earbuds and 25% lower latency for gaming with in-game chat. Along with built-in Snapdragon Sound technology, the devices integrate Qualcomm’s adaptive active noise cancellation. They provide 24-bit, 96-kHz high-resolution Bluetooth audio and 32-kHz wideband voice-call quality for crystal clear calls.  Multipoint Bluetooth wireless connectivity enables virtually seamless transitions between source devices.

The programmable platforms offer audio OEMs broad flexibility for device customization at a range of tiers. Both the S3 and S5 wireless audio devices are available in 99-pin, 4.930×3.936×0.57-mm WLCSPs. They are sampling now to customers, with commercial products expected in the second half of 2022.

S3 (QCC307x) product page

S5 (QCC517x) product page

Qualcomm Technologies 

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