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MPU leverages 64-bit RISC-V core

Renesas offers the RZ/Five general-purpose MPU, its first built around a 64-bit RISC-V core from Andes Technology. The RZ/Five is optimized to provide the performance and peripheral functions required for IoT endpoint devices. Additionally, the MPU is available with industrial-grade Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) Linux offering long-term maintenance support for more than 10 years.

Along with its Andes AX45MP 64-bit, 1-GHz core, the RZ/Five furnishes multiple interfaces, including two Gigabit Ethernet channels, two USB 2.0 ports, and two CAN channels. These interfaces make the device useful for both IoT and industrial gateway control. The RZ/Five also provides a dual-channel 12-bit ADC and a 16-bit DDR4 or DDR3L memory interface.

The peripheral functions and 361-pin, 13×13-mm BGA package of the RZ/Five are compatible with those of the Arm core-based RZ/G2UL, allowing for easy reuse of proven designs. It is also available in a smaller 266-pin, 11×11-mm BGA package with just one Gigabit Ethernet channel for less complex designs.

Samples of the RZ/Five MPU are available now, with mass production scheduled to begin in July 2022.

RZ/Five product page

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