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TVS diode wards off ESD in antennas

An ultra-low capacitance TVS diode from Toshiba offers ESD protection for high-frequency antennas used in IoT and mobile devices. The DF2B6M4BSL provides a total capacitance of 0.15 pF maximum, the lowest of any device offered by Toshiba and about 25% lower than its existing product, the DF2B6M4ASL.

The diode not only protects semiconductors and other electronic components from static electricity and noise, but also suppresses harmonic distortion that affects antenna reception performance. In addition to high-frequency antennas, the DF2B6M4BSL can be used for ESD protection in high-speed interface ports, such as USB and HDMI. The part has a clamping voltage of 15 V maximum and peak pulse current of 2 A (8/20 µs). Other specifications include:

  • Suitable for use with a 5.0 V signal line (VRWM ≤ 5.5 V)
  • VESD (IEC61000-4-2 Contact) 8 kV
  • Low harmonic distortion:
  • f = 2.4 GHz, 20 dBm input
  • 2nd Harmonics: -65.5 dBm (Reference)
  • 3rd Harmonics: -54.4 dBm (Reference)
  • f = 5.0 GHz, 20 dBm input
  • 2nd Harmonics: -64.7 dBm (Reference)
  • 3rd Harmonics: -55.5 dBm (Reference)

Housed in a small 0.62×0.32-mm surface-mount package, the DF2B6M4BSL TVS diode costs about $0.05 each in lots of 10,000 units. It can be purchased online through authorized distributors.

DF2B6M4BSL product page

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage  

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