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Smart sensor performs on-chip decision making

With the debut of its Intelligent Sensor Processing Unit (ISPU), ST is able to combine a DSP that runs AI algorithms and a MEMS sensor on the same silicon. Merging sensor and AI puts decision-making in the application edge, while cutting power by up to 80%.

ST calculates that the sensor and ISPU combo achieves a 5x to 6x power saving over system-in-package approaches in sensor-fusion applications and 2x to 3x saving in run mode. It also reduces size compared to system-in-package designs.

The ISPU is based on a 32-bit RISC DSP that is programmable in C. It is extensible (in the chip design phase) for dedicated instructions and hardware components and features a full-precision floating-point unit, a fast four-stage pipeline, and a single-cycle 16-bit multiplier. The ISPU works with commercial AI models and ST’s NanoEdge AI Studio software for on-device learning.

ST sensors with ISPUs will be packaged in standard 3×2.5×0.83-mm packages and will be pin-compatible with their ST predecessors, allowing easy upgrading.

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