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Nanoscale sensor measures flow and temperature

Instrumems enters the flow sensor market with a nanowire sensor that accurately measures both flow and temperature, including very low flow. Based on technology initially developed at Princeton University, Instrumems’ nanowire multi-sense product is small, low power, fast, and economical.

The company was founded to advance flow-sensing capabilities and broaden adoption into markets such as medical, IoT, and industrial applications. For example, the sensor platform is well-suited for low-power applications that require real-time sensing in such respiratory devices as CPAP machines, smart inhalers, and ventilators. It can also be used for thermal management and instrumentation that requires precise flow measurement.

Instrumems is extending the capabilities of its physical sensor by using real-time edge computing with advanced algorithms. It plans to expand support for additional sensing parameters, such as bubble detection and gas detection.

The company offers an evaluation kit to demonstrate its flow and temperature sensing technology and can quickly customize the sensor’s packaging to fit a range of applications. For more information, contact


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