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High-resolution iToF sensor maps 3D surfaces

The VD55H1 indirect Time-of-Flight (iToF) sensor from STMicroelectronics brings 3D depth imaging to smartphones and other devices. With its 672×804 back-side illuminated (BSI) pixel array, the sensor maps 3D surfaces by measuring the distance to over half a million points. Objects can be detected up to 5 meters from the sensor and even further with patterned illumination.

iToF sensors, such as the VD55H1, calculate the distance to objects by measuring the phase shift between the reflected signal and the emitted signal. Applications for the high-resolution 3D sensor include room mapping and object scanning, facial authentication, gesture recognition, and consumer robots.

The VD55H1’s pixel architecture and 40-nm stacked wafer technology ensure low power consumption, low noise, and optimized die area. It has the ability to operate with a modulation frequency of 200 MHz with more than 85% demodulation contrast at 940 nm. According to ST, this reduces the depth noise by a factor of two over incumbent sensors that typically operate around 100 MHz. Depth accuracy is better than 1%, and typical precision is 0.1% of distance.

Sensor die size is 4.5×4.9 mm, and the product is delivered in the form of reconstructed wafers. The VD55H1 is now available to lead customers for sampling. Volume production is scheduled for the second half of 2022. A reference design and complete software package are offered to help accelerate sensor evaluation and project development.

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